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Evan Dunfee
Canadian Olympic Athlete, Rio Olympics 2016 - 4th place 50km walk

"Garfield has been keeping me race ready for years now. Whether it has been as a therapist on our national team, or back at home for regular treatment, Garfield is a fixture of my support team. Dealing with both minor injuries or simple prevention treatments to stave off injury, I am always left feeling better after a treatment (not always immediately, but certainly a day or two later!) Beyond just treatment Garfield has given me a number of simple wellness techniques to keep me on my toes. He has seen me grow from an unsure, immature athlete, lost in the world of high performance sport, to a confident contributing member of the community and it would be a lie to say that he hasn’t played a role in that transformation."

Cheryl Theilade
Owner/Operator, Scentimental Creations

"From the first time I met Dada, I was beyond impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I received from her. Initially, I was quite nervous as my frozen shoulder was debilitating and frustrating for me as my life was somewhat on hold due to the excruciating amount of pain that I was experiencing. I knew I was in good hands! Not only is Dada a great massage therapist and takes care of her clients’ issues, she also fully explains everything in detail so I had better knowledge and understanding of how my body works and what I need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. I find her to be extremely wise! I will continue to highly recommend her to my family, friends and customers!"

Laura Ogden
Registered Nurse, Elite Athlete

"I have always been quite particular about my care providers and therapists. Garfield totally threw my expectations out the window. During my first appointment, he listened carefully to my “ankle story” and answered all of my questions. His approach to care: he treats the whole person, examines the mechanism of injury, the gait, balance, and in my case, psychological aspect as it resulted and related to my long-term injury. His human-to-human holistic healing approach agreed with me. I am an RN and see the impact that health care provider has on their patients. I recommend Garfield to anyone who is serious about igniting his or her fire to go higher and further."

Zuzana Houdkova
Dental Technician

"I had a constant neck and back pain related to work. Dada has worked her magic on me, she has done a proper assessment and tailor made treatment. Dada is an RMT that works hard and does the real deep-tissue work. It is difficult to find a therapist who does it well. I had a fantastic experience. Highly recommend Dada."

Eelake Elliau

"I have been treated by Garfield for over 5 years and he is simply the best RMT I have been to in over 30 years of massage treatments with numerous therapists. He has a very comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the body and knows exactly where to treat with enough pressure and intensity not found anywhere else. He is very approachable and understanding, taking the time to fully assess the situation prior to treatment. Also, he is a very interesting, well informed and traveled, pleasure and easy to converse with."

Thomas Mazalek

"Drahomira started our session by asking questions about my lifestyle/injury and visually assessing my stance and posture. Her treatment was thorough and was able to increase mobility in my shoulder which felt significantly better the next day. She seemed to really want to fix the issue and not just to relieve pain and even followed up with recommending a number of exercises and stretches to help ensure the issue did not reoccur. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Ben Thorne
Elite Athlete – Olympian

"I have been competing on an international level for seven years now and Garfield is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable, experienced and has very strong hands. These qualities make him extremely effective in treating and preventing injuries. I would highly recommend Garfield."

Dr. J. Duro Adamec
P. Geo

"Dada is a young, very professional and extremely talented with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy, therapist. Her skills and knowledge level are comparable to a very experienced therapist. She has always been sensitive to my needs and followed up after each session. I greatly recommend her and I am confident you will benefit from her skills and will be impressed with her work ethic and professionalism."

Stephanie McCann
Physiotherapist (MPT), Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Olympian

"Garfield is an exceptionally skilled therapist with a depth of knowledge and training unmatched by most massage therapists. He continues to learn despite his many years in the profession, with a passion to expand his knowledge in a variety of areas. I had the pleasure of first working with him as an amateur athlete in University and then further on in my career on the World Championship and Olympic Teams. Following my retirement from sport I was able to continue a professional relationship working along side him as a kinesiologist and now physiotherapist."

Klara Sakova
"I have been very impressed with Dada's amazing service and attention for details. Dada has a deep understanding about how the body works. It was a first time for me and I felt I was in good hands."

Sarah Nelles
Retired Corporate Interior Designer

"I have been a client of Garfield’s for over 10 years. Having had a craniotomy to remove a tumour two years ago, the primary focus of my recovery was returning to my 'former' self, someone who values their intelligence, health, wellness and fitness. Having developed implicit trust in Garfield, the massage treatments, coaching and compassion he offered was central to my recovery. I can honestly say that I am back to 98%, a significant improvement over the 85% experienced in the few year lead up to the tumour 'presenting.'"

Lenka Urbankova
Recreational athlete / part-time group fitness coach (Operations Management, Vancouver BC)

"Dada is professional and very detailed oriented. I explained my problems – tight hamstring, muscle misalignment and tight traps. Her massage helped relief the muscle tension and increased my range of motion. I value that Dada is patient and listens to understand the issue before she checks the alignment. She is very passionate about her work. I would recommend Dada to anyone who seeks deep tissue massage."

Tom Petryshen
Advisor, Mentor, Consultant

"As a former elite athlete, Garfield understands the demands of active sports enthusiasts and the intricacies of the aging body as we extract what’s left before they give out. Regardless of the issue from my weekend warrior activities, Garfield is always able to quickly identify and alleviate the tightness so I can continue my pursuits on the Spartan Race Canadian National Team."

Eva Manuchova
Inventory Controller

"Dada provides an exceptional massage. She is very attentive, accommodating, respectful and meticulous. She intuitively knew where to focus and addressed the areas of my discomfort. I left her massage room feeling energized and relaxed. I felt very well taken care of and informed of how to feel better. I will be back to see her again. She is just wonderful!"

Lauren & George
"My husband and I are professionals with very stressful jobs. After many years of getting mediocre massages we were given Garfield’s name by an acquaintance. At my initial appointment Garfield performed a thorough assessment, then he got to work. He has completely changed my massage experience and I can no longer settle for less than Garfield. After my husband’s first massage with Garfield he said “We found him!” We are grateful for his knowledge and his powerful hands."

Eva Urbankova
Contracts Administrator

"I’ve been seeing Dada for over a year and I can highly recommend her for deep tissue and also pregnancy massage. She is very focused and I love that she does not only treat my muscle and joint issues but is always looking for the cause of the problem."

Doug Letheren
Professional dancer - The Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch - Germany

"Garfield has the insight and skill to read and work on my body as a whole, regardless of whatever specific area is ailing me. He reads imbalances that I didn’t know were there, and addresses the things that need attention in ways that only someone with that level of intuition and experience can. He also happens to be an inspiringly present and open-hearted guy that its a pleasure to spend time with."

Michal Opolsky
Construction Manager

"After coming to Dada I stopped seeing my former RMT as Dada would show great interest in getting to the root of the problem and works very consistently on treating the core issues of my problems. She always follows up on previous treatments accordingly."

Michelle Reaume
Nike Accounts Executive

"As a former Ironman Triathlete of 25 years and current cyclist and trail runner competitor, the use of massage therapy has greatly benefitted my overall health and performance. Garfield offers the highest quality massage therapy available. I was fortunate to find such talent in the Port Moody area a few years ago and then followed him to North Vancouver where his practice currently resides. He is very professional and extremely gifted – head and shoulders above other massage therapists I’ve tried. He is a leader in the field and what sets him apart is his ability to recognize and assist in the rehabilitation of sports related injuries in a personalized approach. I would highly recommend him to any person looking to enhance their quality of life being for professional use of for personal comfort."

Geoff Green
B.Com., AACI, P.App., RK Associate Vice President

"I was feeling a bit stiff for a day or two after, but definitely worked out a few kinks. Thanks for the stretching tips."

Kendra Pomfret
Elite Athlete – (CDN MD Runner)

"As an elite middle distance runner, overuse injuries including stress fractures and soft tissue injuries have become familiar obstacles within the daily demands of training, seven days per week, and typically twice per day. Over the past five years I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Garfield’s world-class approach to massage therapy and thus, turn injury rehabilitation into injury prevention. Garfield has not only been pivotal to helping maintain my optimal physical health, but also in providing a continual sounding board to bounce different training ideas, experiences, and emotional support on my journey to represent Canada on the world stage."

Gary Reed
2004 & 2008 Olympian, VP Sales & Marketing/ Partner, A&T Project Developments

"I was very fortunate to have received massage therapy from Garfield over the course of my Olympic career. His services and knowledge base were nothing short of professional excellence. If you are looking for a high quality, intelligent therapist that is always innovative and progressive, then I would highly recommend Garfield."

Chantelle Groenwoud
Elite Athlete, Senior Consultant at Steer Davies Gleave

"Garfield is an intuitive and dedicated therapist who goes above and beyond for his clients. He is willing to dig a little deeper than most working through problem areas with unmatched thoroughness and patience. Not least of all, Garfield is genuinely caring, loves to laugh, and is full of insight to share from his own competition and wellness experiences."

Nathan Smith
Senior Engineer, Avid Athlete, Knight Piesold Ltd.

"Garfield has helped keep me split boarding, cross country skiing, and mountain biking over the years including recovery from a broken leg, broken ribs, and most recently shoulder surgery. He does a great job listening and working on treatments to resolve root issues to get me back into my sports. He also provides recommended stretches and rolling that should be done to help the process out."

Lenard Reid
Consultant / Creator of Jasper Jackets

"I first visited Garfield when I had a flare up of an injury that has plagued me for over 15 years. I had seen multiple physio’s and RMT’s in the past and had no luck. Finally, working with Garfield we determined the root cause of the issue and resolved the injury. Working with Garfield has been literally a life changer."

Thomas Kineshanko
Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency Investor

"I have been receiving massage therapy from Garfield for four years. I ran track and field in university and have worked with dozens of high level massages therapists, including a few Olympic team therapists. Garfield is by a substantial margin the best I have worked with. He is a craftsman, with an obvious love for healing, who is deeply knowledgeable about his profession. Beyond his experience and passion, he is a joy to see and keeps me laughing throughout our sessions."

Susanna Muehling

"Garfield’s extensive experience, combined with his intuition, and passion to constantly increase his knowledge and skill-set, create a treatment that not only leaves my body feeling better, but allows me to perform better."

Jennifer Korsch
Teacher / Trail Runner - Hiker

"I was plagued with calf muscle 'issues'. I was immediately impressed with Garfield's professionalism, knowledge and skills. Within weeks I was back to running the longer distances and ran 50km injury free! I definitely attribute my success to the specific care I received and the 'tool box' of stretches and activities that I continue to use."

Agnes Tong

"Garfield’s intuitive ability to listen to the body is truly amazing. His tenacious gentleness offers deep release in a safe and often playful environment in which he creates with admirable authenticity, integrity, and professionalism."

Dorian Leslie

"Garfield came highly recommended by a close friend. My experience with him was awesome. This man knows how to quickly diagnose what is going on and get to the root of the concern. He listened to my requests and my body’s condition. As a result, I found myself in great shape sooner than I expected. Thank you!"

Monica Candy
Bachelor of Science

"I cannot say enough about the capabilities, professionalism and knowledge base that Garfield utilizes within a treatment. I have worked in the health & fitness industry for the last 20 years and have had access to many practitioners. Garfield is my personal choice for massage therapy and someone that I will continue to recommend to clients and those I train with."

Aaron Ruthledge
Secondary School Teacher

"After a mountain biking crash that resulted in a broken hip and femur, I am very grateful to my friends for recommending I go see Garfield for regular treatments during my recovery period. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional or thoughtful massage therapist to get me back into the sports I love doing the most!"

Emily Hogan
Student - Ballerina in Training

"The treatment I receive from Garfield is excellent as well as restorative. All different kinds of pressure are attainable, so even the tightest muscles can be loosened out. The experience is also pleasant and educational, because he has a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. Garfield is go to care provider to improve and renew my body."

Jennifer Quesnelle
Registered Nurse

"I’ve been seeing Garfield for approximately 8-10 years for massage therapy. He is always extremely professional and kind. He is great at adding a little humour as distraction when the massages are challenging. I have yet to be treated by an RMT who is as effective and efficient. He is always keen to teach stretches and activities that will assist in getting the most out of your treatments, as well as reducing risk of injury."

Jodie F.
VFX 3D Artist

"Garfield has a vast knowledge and passion for top performance of the human body. He focuses on real results that last. Garfield has been my go-to RMT since early 2016 and I wish I had found him earlier. My lifestyle consists of a lot of sitting in front of the computer, causing lots of stiffness. After each session with him, I feel like I’m new again. Professionalism, knowledge, and executing results are what I look for and Garfield demonstrates that with each session."

Alex Biega
Vancouver Canucks Hockey Organization

"Garfield’s expertise, knowledge, and dedication to his practice is second to none. Having used a number of elite sport therapists throughout my career I can honestly say that Garfield is in a category of his own. He has helped me bring my best product on the ice each and every game. If you are looking for a game changer, Garfield is it."

Kyle Yoshida

"I have known Garfield for 10 years. His professional knowledge and demeanor are second to none. I would highly recommend Garfield to anyone looking for an experienced RMT."

Leslie Robertson
Retired Civil Servant

"Garfield played an integral part in the journey of what was (is) my back injury. There is a high level of care, knowledge, and advice to be obtained from him. This comes from his vast experience in sport therapy. "

Delia Tatiana

"Garfield is the best RMT I have ever seen. He really works muscles in depth and tailors his treatments to each individual specific needs. He takes time to establish a connection, carefully listens to what is going on, then meticulously tests motion range often making associations that are not obvious at first glance. He seems to know every muscle and tendon, the intricate network, how that translates into movement or lack thereof, and more importantly, how to fix it."

Nicola Evangelista
Head Coach @ Nike (Robson)

"Garfield followed my athletic career over the last eight years from a college level track athlete riddled with injuries, to being an international level athlete. I regularly received efficient genuine treatments from him. I feel his treatments were a major factor in my athletic success. His approach to care is always thorough and he loves what he does. Garfield is always constantly expanding his education and techniques. I recommend him to everyone because he gives your soft tissue exactly what they need."

Devan Wiebe
Account Executive / Elite Athlete

"Garfield’s experience, professionalism, and incredible intuition have made him an invaluable part of my training and racing plan. He combines a holistic approach with biomechanical knowledge and is extremely kind, trustworthy, and dedicated. His passion for enabling athletes of all abilities is genuine and inspiring – I highly recommend his services for whatever your treatment needs."

Marketa & Vinay Kapur
Ski Coach / General Manager

"We have been treated by Garfield for the past five years. He is very friendly, thorough and empathetic. He is very good at his profession. He understands the issue and our lifestyle and then chooses the right level of treatment. He encourages a more holistic view of health including treatment and looking after our continued wellness. He greets you with a welcoming smile and takes the time to get to know you. Our family is active and we love outdoors. Garfield has helped us through multiple injuries to keep us back on track and enjoying what we love to do. Our daughters are competitive ski racers and they have also received treatment care with Garfield. We are happy to recommend Garfield to our friends and family."

Mitra Pashaeifam
"I met Garfield four years ago when I was suffering from shoulder and neck pain after two rotator cuff surgeries. I used to be an aircraft mechanic and the nature of my job combined with bad posture had taken its toll on me. I had seen few massage therapists before but didn’t get what I expected, relief from pain. Garfield listened to my story, asked questions to understand my problem so he could tailor a treatment for me."

Linda Brown
"I am a partner in a national law firm practicing business law. Decades of sitting at my desk, and being hunched over documents have taken their toll on my body, and I had visited countless massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists in an attempt to relieve the neck and back strain that I have suffered as a result. I have been under Garfield’s care for a few months now, and I have not only gotten the benefit of his vast experience as a therapist (and the relief I have been seeking for decades on some of the chronic aches and pains!), but as well his network of complementary health care providers that have assisted with identifying the root cause of a number of my issues. I highly recommend Garfield for massage therapy services. He truly cares about the best health and wellbeing of all of his clients."

Deanna Lythgo
Sales Advisor / Rennie & Associates Realty

"I was referred to Garfield by another friend and healthcare professional. Since my initial consultation, I have been beyond impressed with the level of service and care I have received thus far. Garfield was excellent at explaining the potential cause of my discomfort which allowed me to identify my postural habits. I feel he is a great RMT since he aligns my goals by explaining everything in detail. I then have a better knowledge as to how to maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Garfield and the team he works with come well recommended!"