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About Us

Crooks & Co., "The Pain Relief Therapists", is an integrated health centre and focuses on optimizing human performance for life.

Our Philosophy

At Crooks & Co, our mission is to provide you with the best possible care. Our practitioners listen very carefully to you and your chief complaints. Along with your help (since we know it is not all about the practitioners!), we aim to find exactly what treatment care you require. At times, for different reasons, we may refer you to another skilled care provider (physiotherapist, sport medicine doctor, etc). At Crooks & Co, our number one objective is YOU! We are confident that, with our patient focused approach to care, everyone wins, and ultimately, you move towards continual improvement.

Our Mission

"Get You Moving"

Our business model is to offer you the best possible experience from start to finish. Whether you are a new patient or returning patient, our delivery of excellence from our introduction, history taking, careful listening, assessment, treatment, and reassessment, will offer you industry-leading positive results. Our collaborative, idea sharing, consulting, true team approach to care will have you feeling like a king and queen every time.


As primary health care providers, we understand that it is our absolute professional responsibility, oath if you will, to provide the highest level of care possible. With that in mind, we continually ask ourselves, “How can we be better?” What we mean, simply put, is how can we be the best for you? We believe in the importance of ongoing education, and our care providers go above and beyond the required mandates. We also achieve excellence by continuously collaborating, truly working and helping each other as a team. Our approach is different - when you experience it, you will feel it.

Our Team

  • Team Member

    Garfield Crooks

    Registered Massage Therapist

    Garfield is our national team's therapist. In everything he does, he always wants to be better and help others in achieving their goals.

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    Team Member

    Dr Sarah Schreiner


    Sarah's approach is evidence based and individually tailored. She connects with each patient to optimize their treatment and rehab.

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    Team Member

    Katie Keating

    Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release

    Through craniosacral and somatoemotional release, Katie is able to tap into the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of her clients.

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    Team Member

    Dale Kobialko

    Massage + PEMF Therapy

    Dale is excited to share his passion for PEMF and continues to be amazed at its ability to harness the body's own healing powers.

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