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Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Release

Craniosacral uses light touch to address the body holistically – integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual. Physically, the practitioner can feel the flow of the Craniosacral fluid, feel the fascial patterns, holdings, and misalignments. Combined with intuitive capability, and anatomical knowledge (fascia, muskuloskeletal, organs (meridians), and nervous systems), we support you in releasing and creating greater balance within.

Throughout our lives, the body subconsciously holds physical and emotional trauma (unprocessed events), which present as chronic or acute conditions. Somatoemotional release is an intuitive practice, whereby the practitioner guides the client into the body to help physically and or verbally release holding patterns, often showing up as limiting beliefs and chronic health concerns.

Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release can help with the following:

  • Infant sleep, latching, digestion, colic, and ear infections
  • Healing physical + emotional trauma from birth, injuries, concerns accumulated over life, limiting personal beliefs
  • Emotional balancing, including aiding anxiety, depression, phobias + PTSD
  • Acute concerns – whiplash, injury, range of motion etc
  • Chronic concerns – immune, fatigue, digestion, sleep, TMJ, migraines, cysts, arthritis
  • Organ, Chakra and Meridian balancing + healing
  • Fertility concerns + Prenatal anxiety and discomfort
  • Offered by Katie.