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Marina Insley

As a certified athletic therapist (CAT(C)), Marina works with you in the prevention and treatment musculoskeletal injuries, whether acute or chronic.

She uses functional testing to guide an appropriate treatment. Treatments can then include many modes of therapy including joint mobilizations as well as active and passive soft tissue techniques, and prescription of exercise as a therapeutic modality.

She truly values the significance of a safe and proper rehabilitation program, but equally as important is averting injuries by applying apt movement techniques, exercise, and body-awareness as a lifestyle.

Being an athletic therapist is like being a detective or an investigator. Information that she gains from your history, assessments, and treatments become the puzzle pieces she needs to find the root of the problem. She can help you reach your optimal level of performance and health maintenance by creating a plan that involves movement to prevent further injury and promote healing. She also strongly believes in patient education and providing you with the tools needed to continue a program outside of the clinic setting.

Marina believes that both healing and injury prevention are multi-faceted tasks in which many variables can help shape a functional, healthy body and mind. She also has an understanding of the essential role of the mind during both these processes.

No matter what your goal may be, what kind of exerciser you are, or where your injury history may lay, she is dedicated to helping you achieve your best moving self.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy she has a strong foundation in anatomy, biomechanics, human kinematics, exercise physiology, clinical rehabilitation and exercise therapy, therapeutic modalities, and manual therapy.


She has an array of different sports in her background including competing as a gymnast and volleyball player, as well as being an avid and experienced skier, cyclist, surfer, and trail runner.

Professional Achievements

2017-2018 Camosun Chargers Women's Basketball Team - Student Athletic Therapist

Therapist Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy
Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) Certification

Services Offered

• Athletic Therapy

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