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Athletic Therapy

A certified athletic therapist is a university-educated professional, specializing in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries pertaining to muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. These musculoskeletal injuries may be acute or chronic and caused by sport, recreational activities, day-to-day, or industrial activities. Whatever the cause of injury may be, athletic therapists are trained using the Sports Medicine Model and plan treatments based on subjective and objective information from the client.

An athletic therapist utilizes various manual therapies in their treatments. These include soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic modalities, bracing and taping, as well as exercise intervention and prescription. At the end of the day, an athletic therapist’s goal is to assist the client’s recovery, prevent re-injury, and lower visits to a healthcare professional. Put simply, athletic therapists help clients return to their usual activities!

Certified athletic therapists are recognized by the credentials CAT(C), and are registered with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

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