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Andrew Nemeth

Andrew Nemeth has been practicing massage therapy more than twenty years. He has been treating clients in a variety of therapeutic settings, from owning and operating busy practices in the Lower Mainland, touring with professional football (soccer) teams in Africa and Europe, and is currently specializing in working with our senior citizens.

Andrew always brings a level of passion, learning, and curiosity that serves his patients and colleagues extremely well. His approach to treatment or philosophy is examining each patient globally. He always examines the whole person in an attempt to better understand and determine the root causes of any ailment or conditions presented. Stress on our bodies often has a musculoskeletal component that affects the soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, fibrous tissues, and synovial membranes). The soft tissue neuro-muscular response component can often result in, and is not limited to, the soft tissue structures retracting, and becoming immobile, etc. These soft tissue patterns often lead to muscular shortening and thickening resulting in discomfort and pain for the patient. Most times these patterns are longer term and chronic in nature. Releasing the soft tissue and fascia decreases and eliminates pain and discomfort; it also can help in lengthening and restoring one’s correct movement.

A healthy lifestyle is something that is important to Andrew. He often shares the benefits of a well-balanced lifestyle including staying active, incorporating healthy nutrition, good quality sleep, emotional wellness and some form of spirituality. In his spare time, on a regular basis, he partakes in running, weight lifting, swimming, adventure races and other activities that keep him moving. Andrew looks forward to the opportunity of working with you and will do his very best to help you return to optimum condition and, "get you moving."


Graduated Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy 1996
SFU vocational rehabilitation program
Geriatric & arthritis pain and movement level I & II
Quarterly presentations and in services at care facilities on aging and gerontology

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